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The ultimate developer tool for Tailwind CSS

Tailscan for Tailwind CSS - The ultimate developer tool for Tailwind CSS | Product Hunt
Tailscan for Tailwind CSS - The ultimate developer tool for Tailwind CSS | Product Hunt

Build, design and debug your Tailwind website visually with Tailscan, right within the browser.

Tailscan massively improves your Tailwind experience


Design with Tailwind in the browser

With Tailscan you'll never have to leave the browser. Change your Tailwind classes and see the results in real-time.


Debug visually in seconds

Always switching back and forth to your code editor while debugging your layout? Tailscan lets you see the results instantly, saving you precious time.


Discover how it's built

Tailscan lets you see the classes of any Tailwind component on any website, so you can learn and level up your design skills.

Full JIT-engine support

With Tailscan, you can add any Tailwind class and variant directly in the browser. Even when they are removed during your build process or when you add classes with arbitrary values. You'll have the full power of Tailwind directly in the browser!

Bring-your-own Tailwind config

Working with Tailwind classes within the browser poses one problem: how do you access, add and change the classes your config defines? Tailscan has you covered. You can add your own config to Tailscan and all theme extensions and modifications will be available right away!

Experience the true power of Tailscan for Tailwind CSS

All these features are right at your fingertips within the browser. And this is just the start, more features are added in every update!

Live editing

Instantly see the result of every change you make.


Tailscan will suggest the right classes for you as you type.

Hide/show classes

Hide or show classes to see how your design changes.

Color preview

See the color of every class in the autocompletion view.

Hover navigation

Hover over any element to see its Tailwind classes. Press Space to easily pin and edit the element.

Hotkey navigation

Use the arrow keys to navigate between sibling elements and parent/child elements.

Copy element or class list

Copy the HTML of any element or the list of classes of any element.

Change persistence

Tailscan will remember all your changes to every element so you can copy all changes at once!


Level up your development experience

Available for Chrome and Chromium-based browsers (like Brave and Edge). Tailscan will only work with an active license. The yearly plan includes all updates for one year.

Tailscan license

$49 $39 /year

Excluding local taxes or VAT if applicable.
Discount for one license only.

Full refund policy
Used by over 200 other developers
Dedicated and fast support
  • Boost your productivity with Tailwind

  • Get all updates and new features for one year

  • Available for Google Chrome and Chromium based browsers (Brave, Edge, etc.)

  • License for 3 devices

  • Permanent access to the Tailscan community discord

Team licence bundles

Purchase multiple licenses at once at a discounted price!

View bundles

Frequently asked questions

How do I manage my account?
You can manage your account on the 'My account' page to change billing details or see your license key(s). You can also cancel your subscription there at any time. If you cancel your subscription, you will still have access to Tailscan until the end of your current billing period. Go to the My Account page
Why is there only a yearly plan?
Most developer tools only have yearly plans, so I'd like to walk in the same pace. Besides that, processing invoices every month is a hassle for both you and me, right? There is no life-time or one-time price because Tailscan requires continuous updates to keep up with new Tailwind CSS versions. As an extra benefit, Tailscan will also be periodically updated with new features. A one-time or life-time price would not be sustainable in the long run, unfortunately.
Is there a trial? Can I try it before I buy Tailscan?
Yes, you can try Tailscan! We don't have a trial but you can use Tailscan on this website by clicking on the link below. Hit the space key to pin Tailscan.

Demo available only on Desktop

I already bought Tailscan. Where is my license key?
If correct, you've received an email after your purchase that includes your license key. The subject line is 'Your Tailscan license key'. If you cannot find your license key, please send an email to and I'll help you out.
Tailscan says my license key is invalid?
Oops! If you've made sure the license key is correct (check for spaces before/after the key when copy-pasting), please send an email to and I'll help you out.
Is Tailscan going to have a Firefox version?
I would love to build a Firefox version of Tailscan. It is important for me, however, that I can offer a great experience for all users. And for that I need to invest a lot of time. If you are interested in a Firefox version, let me know!
How often is there an update for Tailscan?
Tailscan will receive periodic updates when Tailwind CSS is updated, and when there is a new set of features ready for Tailscan. I hope to release a new version with new features every 4-8 weeks.
Does Tailscan work on any website?
Yes, Tailscan works on any website. If the website does not use Tailwind CSS, there are no classes visible for any element. However, you can still add Tailwind classes to elements.
Do you have bundled license packs? I want multiple!
Yes absolutely! You can buy a 5-pack, 10-pack, or 25-pack license. To buy a bundle, click on the button 'View Bundles' under the regular pricing and select the bundle you'd like to purchase. If you need help or want to buy more than 25 licenses, please send an email to If you want less than 5 licenses, you can simply change the quantity during the normal checkout.
Do you have a refund policy?
If you are not satisfied with Tailscan, you can email your refund request to We accept requests up to 14 days after purchase. It would help a lot if you also provide feedback as to why you'd like a refund, so I can make the product better for others in the future!

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