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Open Startup metrics

Tailscan was an Open Startup. This means the metrics were shared publicly. I did this to provide transparency to customers and hopefully inspire others to take the entrepreneurial path and to build in public.

After more than 1.5 years of being fully transparent, this page will no longer contain open metrics. The primary reason is that it harms more than it does good. Competitors have been increasingly making use of this information, and because of this I am sad to announce that this page no longer shows financial metrics.

The build-in-public articles as well as the tools I use to build Tailscan will remain on here though!

Building in public articles


I publish these build in public articles to explain how and what I did while building Tailscan. Every article contains lessons I learned along the way. Back when I started out, I read lots of build in public posts from other founders. The goal of these articles is to give back to the community that helped me back in those days.
- Erwin, founder of Tailscan

Other SaaS

These are other products and services that keep Tailscan running.

Bento (marketing)
BrandBird (design)
HelpKit (knowledge base)
Simple Analytics (analytics)
Tolt (affiliate platform)
Chartmogul (financial statistics)
Vercel (hosting)
Namecheap(domain name)
Google Cloud (hosting)
Google Workspace (email)

Other costs that are variable and/or partial are not included: Midjourney for blog images, Webstorm for coding, Stripe for handling payments, Github for code storage, X pro and office space.

Tailscan for Tailwind CSS

The absolute must-have tool for anyone using Tailwind CSS.

Build, design and debug your Tailwind website visually with Tailscan, right within the browser.

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