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The accessibility utility classes in Tailwind CSS provide tools for making web content more accessible for all users.

The main accessibility class in Tailwind is the sr-only class, which is used to visually hide an element while still making it available to screen readers. This can be useful for adding additional context or instructions for screen reader users, without cluttering up the visual layout of the page. It's best used when displaying images or svg icons as they cannot be rendered on screen readers.
In addition to the sr-only class, Tailwind also provides the not-sr-only class, which is the opposite of sr-only.

In short, the sr-only and not-sr-only classes in Tailwind can be useful for improving the accessibility of your web content by providing additional context and instructions for screen reader users, while maintaining a clear and uncluttered visual layout for users who can see the page. There is a big chance more classes will be added to the accessibility category.


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